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April 10 - 14, 2023

Receive guidance from 25+ experts on how to heal from sexual betrayal so you can get off the emotional rollercoaster, gain confidence, and figure out your next steps during this free online event.

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Shattered. Vulnerable. Confused.

Those are just a few of the words that describe what it feels like to be betrayed by your husband.

(Some other words that come to mind: sad, angry, livid…)

And it’s hard to know where to turn, who to talk to, and what to do, no matter when the betrayal happened.

But what if you:

Understood the path to healing so you knew exactly what steps to take next (and when you’re about to make a wrong turn)

Had guideposts that you could rely on to help you make decisions like if you should stay or go, when it was safe to be intimate, and when it makes sense to forgive

Free of the insecurities that are suffocating you

Felt deep down that his betrayal is NEVER your fault (and I mean never)

Could get unstuck and move forward with clarity and wholeness

Well, all this is possible…

The betrayal healing conference was created to help you discover how to navigate healing after sexual betrayal so you can get off the emotional rollercoaster, gain confidence, and figure out your next steps.

25+ experts over 5 days will guide you towards healing, empowerment, and freedom.

Maybe right now you’re...

  • Convinced there’s no way to get to the other side of betrayal
  • Unsure if you’re moving forward or backward and if you’re even on the right path
  • Being told you should just forgive and forget (but deep down you know this isn’t the answer)
  • Struggling with feeling like this is all your fault (by the way, it never is)
  • Look OK on the outside because you’ve pushed your feelings down — maybe for years — but below the surface, you’re not alright and don’t know if you can ever trust again

Wherever you’re at — whether you just found out your husband cheated or it’s been years since it all blew up in your face — It’s essential for you to understand the healing journey.

Because one thing I can tell you from certainty is that this wound doesn’t heal by itself.

And when you shove your emotions down, the problem doesn’t ever go away. It patiently waits and festers under the surface until you’re ready to deal with it.

You are not alone! Let us help you face this head-on so you can get off the emotional rollercoaster that’s whipping you up, down, and sideways and get you on the path to healing!

Now, you might be wondering who exactly is the person behind this online event…

Hi! I’m Tammy Gustafson.

I’m a betrayal trauma coach, writer, and speaker. I’m also a licensed professional counselor specializing in trauma and PTSD for more than 13 years.

But nothing prepared me for the work I do more than my own experience of being betrayed by my husband.

When life “blew up,” I felt utterly lost. Unsafe. Shattered. . .


However, I can tell you, as both a counselor that's helped hundreds of women and as someone who’s healed from betrayal, finding your way back to freedom and wholeness is possible. 


(Not easy — but possible.)

It’s why I wanted to do this free event. Because the first step to navigating the mess of betrayal is knowing the path to healing.


And that’s exactly what my guest experts and I will show you how to do.

Working with Tammy around betrayal trauma has been a massive part of my healing journey. 

“Her expertise, along with her wisdom and life experience, offer a safe place to share and know she cares as she coaches you through invaluable steps towards healing.”

 - KR

Betrayal Healing Conference Sponsors:

Here are all the details you need to know about the Betrayal Healing Conference…


The Betrayal Healing Conference will run from April 10-14, 2023.



Online! You will receive a link to access the presentations so you can tune in from anywhere with internet access. 



Each interview will be under an hour, with the goal of providing practical steps you can take on the topic. The presentations will be available for 24 hours, so you can watch them at your convenience.



You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the conference where we’ll be connecting before the conference starts and working together to get off the emotional rollercoaster, gain confidence, and figure out your next steps once it kicks off.



After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the All-Access Pass. That gives you unlimited access to presentations for one year AND…


  • Bonuses from speakers to help you go deeper 
  • Invitation to submit questions for the live Q&A session on April 14th
  • Special panel discussion with select speakers
  • Bonus sessions on specialized topics
  • Live daily group wrap-up & personal reflection time
  • And much more!

You won't want to miss it!

The Betrayal Healing Conference is different...

Maybe you’ve already done marriage therapy, wasting tons of time and money with counselors, coaches, and/or pastors who’ve caused more harm than good. 

And maybe the idea of coming to a conference like this feels vulnerable because you’ve gotten advice that’s been at the very least hurtful — and in the worst case — harmful.



That’s why I created this conference. I wanted to introduce you to…


  • 25+ speakers who are experts and pioneers in the area of betrayal healing


  • Compassionate care by people who understand the nuances of betrayal


  • Guidance and tools that’ll give you the strength and power to move forward (even if you feel like you’re going crazy or have a husband/ex husband who’s gaslighting you)


  • Knowledge so you can separate the good “advice” from the well-intentioned, but not-so-helpful (or even harmful) advice typically being pushed on wives


Here’s what you’re NOT going to get during this 5-day event:


  • Sessions on how your actions contributed to the affair (his betrayal is NEVER your fault!)


  • Lectures on how shouldn't be angry or hold any resentment towards your husband


  • Advice saying you just need to have sex with him more


  • Questions like “why aren’t you just over this already?”


  • Hints that you need to “focus on communication”


This conference is all about you and your healing! 

The Speakers

Now, let me introduce you to the amazing line-up of experts you’ll be hearing from at the Betrayal Healing Conference. 


Andrea Rogers
MS, Board Certified Coach, Certified Partner Coach (APSATS)

Discover U

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (25)
Brian Germain

Dealing with Fear and Risk - From a Skydiving Perspective

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic
Carol Juergensen Sheets "Carol the Coach"

Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model

Carrie Holladay
Betrayal Trauma Coach, Trauma Informed Practitioner, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner

How to Deal with Difficult Emotions

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (1)
Chris Hardesty

A Story of Redemption

Christy Kane

It's a Matter of Trust - Trusting Yourself

Dan Drake

Full Disclosure: How to Prepare and Make It Through

Debbie Laaser

From Trauma to Transformation

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (3)
Dr Janice Caudill

Overcoming Intimacy Deprivation: Healing from the Impact of Sexual Betrayal and Intimacy Anorexia


Full Disclosure: How to Prepare and Make It Through

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (4)
Dr. Barbara Steffens
Board Certified Coach, CPC, CCPS

What to do When You Feel Stuck

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (6)
Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck
Relationship Expert and Trauma Specialist

Building and Maintaining a Healthy Sexual Relationship After Sexual Betrayal

Dr. Jake Porter

Rethinking Boundaries: How Recognizing "Choice" Empowers the Betrayed

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (7)
Dr. Merry Frons

Repairing Trust: How to Work With Your Partner to Heal Your Relationship After Intimate Betrayal.

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (9)
Dr. Piper Grant
Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist, CSAT

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexual Betrayal

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (10)
Eddie Capparucci

Why Being Sober is Not Enough

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (11)
Elizabeth Hardesty

A Story of Redemption

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (12)
Geoff Steurer
What About Us While I'm Healing Me?
Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (13)
Greg Miller
Director of Men's Workshop

Understanding Sexual Addiction

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (14)
Hope Ray

Integrity, Empathy, Intimacy, and Honesty: A New Model for Real Change

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (16)
Julie St.Onge

Hidden Trauma Memories in The Body

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (17)
Laura Mangin-McDonald

Let's Talk About Forgiveness

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (18)
Leah Hadley
AFC, CDFA, Financial Planner

Planning For Your Financial Freedom

Marsha Means

Personal Empowerment After the Death of Your Dream

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (19)
Michelle Mays

I Love You I Love You Not: The Dilemma of Attachment Ambivalence

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (20)
Nathaniel Gustafson
Counselor and Coach

How Anger Helps You Heal

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (22)
Rob Weiss
Phd, LCSW. Sexologist/Author/Educator

Growing Past The Myth of Codependency: A Strength Based Model for Those Who Love An Addict

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (23)
Roxanne Granata
Trauma informed certified coach

Healing By Becoming Your Wounded Parts' Best Friend

Betrayal Healing _ Speaker Graphic (24)
Stacey Sadler

Winning as a Divorced Partner

Tammy Gustafson

Gaslighting: How to Recognize and Deal With It

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are NOT going to want to miss this conference!

Why is Understanding the Path to Healing So Important?

Well, a couple of different reasons.

Often, if you’re feeling stuck, it’s because you are unknowingly jumping to different phases of the healing journey.

For example, you could be focusing on forgiveness when you should be focusing on anger — and this shuts down the whole process.


The truth is that the healing process is counter-intuitive, disorienting, and overwhelming.

But when you understand the phases, you know what you need to focus on *right now* and let the other stuff go. It grounds you and gives you a foundation to build on. 


That’s why I want to invite you to join me on April 10-14th so you can get clear on where you’re at and expert advice on how to get where you want to go.

Ok, now for a few FAQs:

Get your free ticket

...and start your journey to get off the emotional rollercoaster, gain confidence, and figure out your next steps.