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The Betrayal Healing


Get Unstuck   |   Set Healthy Boundaries   |   Overcome Triggers

Get Unstuck

Set Healthy Boundaries

Overcoming Triggers

Working with Tammy around betrayal trauma has been a massive part of my healing journey. 


"Tammy has an incredible gift of listening to your needs and where you are in the process.


Her expertise, and along with her wisdom and life experience, offer a safe place to share and know she cares as she coaches you through invaluable steps towards healing. “


- KR

“Healing is not linear.”

This is something I say a lot.

Some days you think you might make it through — you may have moments where you even laugh and everything seems OK, just for a second. 


Then the next minute, you’re in the fetal position on your bathroom floor, hiding from your kids, grieving the day you said, “I do.” 


It can be hard to believe it is even possible to get to the other side. 


And even though I can’t package up healing in a nice little bow and hand it to you…


…what I can do is guide you and give you tools so when memories, circumstances, and life comes crashing down around you, you don’t stay in the fetal position- 


You can pick yourself back up.

Maybe right now you’re...

  • Confused because you’ve tried traditional marriage therapy but it hasn’t helped (and in fact, you feel like it may be causing more damage)
  • Feeling crazy and confused (especially because the person who used to comfort you, you no longer trust)
  • Struggling with feeling like it is your fault (by the way, it never is)
  • Being told you should just forgive and forget (but deep down you know this isn’t the answer)
  • Trying a little bit of everything to help (reading books, marriage therapy, listening to podcasts) but have no idea what’s working or not
  • Wishing you had safe women who get it (because there’s nothing more isolating than betrayal)
  • Overwhelmed by intense emotions (and don’t know who or what to turn to)

By the way, all of this is totally normal — nobody prepares you for betrayal.

So you're left all alone trying to figure it out and getting mixed messages because everyone is saying something different. 

Which is exactly why I decided to create a series of workshops. 


Healing is counterintuitive. Everything you were told about how to be a “good wife” does not work when healing from betrayal. 


Things that people tell you (that are totally wrong):


“Just move on and let it be in the past”
“You need to be more sexy or have more sex with him”

“Don’t be angry”

“Look to find your fault in the situation”

“Don’t listen to your emotions”

“Forgiveness is the first step to healing” (← so not true)


Basically, everything you’ve been taught needs to go out the window. 

The Betrayal Healing workshops give you clarity and a foundation for healing.

Tammy showed me that pain, humiliation and anger didn’t have to define my identity in the future.


“From my very first session, Tammy began to show me that the pain, humiliation, and anger of my husband’s betrayal did not have to define my identity in the future.  


Throughout this difficult healing process, Tammy has been trustworthy and has made me feel seen and understood.”


- BF

Before I tell you more about the workshops, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Tammy Gustafson.

I’m a betrayal trauma coach, writer, and speaker. I’m also a licensed professional counselor specializing in trauma and PTSD for more than 13 years.

But nothing prepared me for the work I do more than my own experience of being betrayed by my husband.

When life “blew up,” I felt utterly lost. Unsafe. Shattered.


However, I can tell you, as both a counselor that's helped hundreds of women and as someone who’s healed from betrayal, finding your way back to freedom and wholeness is possible. 


(Maybe not easy — but possible.)

It’s why I decided to create this series of workshops. My mission is to help you pick up the shattered pieces of your heart as well as to find your voice and strength. 


I can’t take you completely out of your pain — but I can help you stand and guide you in the midst of it.

After working with Tammy I found my voice. I’m able to trust myself. I have hope and see my value again. I’m so grateful for Tammy’s highly skilled, understanding, and empathetic approach in helping me resolve these issues!”

- JC

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Betrayal Healing Workshops:

  • Different workshop each month
  • 60-minute classes every week on Thursday at 8am PT / 11am ET (recordings available)
  • All classes taught Live with Q & A time at the end
  • Member-Led Community Support Group
  • Taught by me (Tammy)

During this 4-week workshop, you’ll get the tools to discover where you’re “stuck” in your healing and how to get unstuck.

You’ll also discover how to: 

  • Set a firm foundation of what healing looks like, so not only can you get through the day, but you can actually breathe again
  • Understand what’s working, and what’s not working in terms of the healing process
  • Eliminate the feeling like you’re blindly falling through a black hole
  • Ditch confusion so you can make good decisions based on knowledge of what you need to do next
  • Stop trying everything and anything to feel better
DATES: JANUARY 5, 12, 19, 26
COST: $397

I’m passionate about boundaries because it’s how you establish personal peace and stability after betrayal. It’s also how you have healthy control and agency in life.

During this workshop I show you how to create your own “Personal Circle” when it comes to boundaries so you can have peace and feel grounded in the storm called betrayal. 

You’ll also discover how to: 

  • Discover why your attempts to set boundaries in the past have failed
  • Uncover what boundaries you need to establish to start picking up the pieces after betrayal
  • Connect with yourself, figure out what you need, and then learn how to put it into words
  • Check in with yourself to know what you need to feel safe
DATES: FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16, 23
COST: $397

This workshop is dedicated to helping you overcome triggers that sexual betrayal causes so you can stop the emotional and physical symptoms of fight or flight and move towards peace.

You’ll also discover how to: 

  • Identify what triggers are (and what they are not)
  • Calm your triggers and reestablish physical, emotional, and sexual safety
  • Recover from triggers quickly
  • Create a plan for what you need to feel physically, emotionally, and sexually safe
  • Uncover a personalized routine for what to do when you are triggered
DATES: MARCH 2, 9, 16, 23
COST: $397

Sometimes you need help NOW — and don’t want to sit in therapy for 6 months to get the ball rolling.

These workshops are all about getting you on your feet after betrayal when it feels like you’ve been knocked to the ground and shattered into a thousand pieces.

And these workshops are designed to get you up off the floor and back onto your feet.

It’s about getting you to a place where you can breathe again and move into a place of empowerment.

No, it doesn’t change whether your husband is doing the work — or not doing the work.

And no, it doesn’t strip the pain away (I wish I could do that for you!).

But these workshops are set up to help you:

  • Find your inner strength — when you can’t find it for yourself
  • Give you a sense of confidence - whether he decides to do the work or not
  • Decide, once and for all, you’re worthy - regardless of his actions
  • Reconnect with yourself so you can make sound decisions of what you want and what is best for you
  • Set firm boundaries because you believe that YOU are worth protecting and your safety is important
  • Understand why you’re being triggered, and have the knowledge and tools so the triggers don’t control you
  • Rid yourself of the shame (because you KNOW that his betrayal isn’t your fault)

I'm so grateful for the help Tammy has given me!


“[Tammy] has been a lifeline to keep me afloat during some very dark times. She had confidence in me even when I didn't have it within myself.”


- Dawn

Ok, now for a few FAQs:

If you made it down this far, thank you.

What I want you to know, first and foremost, is that you’re not alone

Second, his betrayal is NEVER your fault — no matter what he says, your pastor says, your sister says, your therapist says.


Third, it’s time to decide on if you’d like to take the workshops. 


I hope you’ll come on this journey with me so you can…

I hope to see you in January!

Get Unstuck
Set Healthy Boundaries
Overcome Triggers

Tammy promised me that there was a good life ahead — and she was right.


“When my partner unceremoniously destroyed the life I viewed as a fairytale, I found myself alone at the bottom of what felt like a gargantuan shit pit. 


Despite my pleas for help, the one person I always believed would assist me when life turned upside down found the pit that he created too repugnant to even look at.  


Thankfully, my journey led me to Tammy who willingly jumped right in and stayed with me, holding my hand and encouraging me, until I was able to climb to the top and make my way out of that disgusting, gaping hole of misery. She promised me that there was a good life ahead and she was right.”


 - Anonymous