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Tammy Gustafson

Tammy Gustafson, MA, LPC is a trauma-informed Licensed Professional Counselor, coach, and speaker with 15 years of experience. She is passionate about helping women pick up the broken pieces of their hearts after sexual betrayal, find their strength, navigate the counter-intuitive process of healing, and discover new ways to live with purpose, joy, and confidence. She is the developer of the Betrayal Healing Phases, which provides a framework for understanding and navigating the process of healing after betrayal.


Tammy is certified in EMDR and is the founder and CEO of Betrayal Healing, a coaching organization dedicated to helping women heal from betrayal. She is also the founder and CEO of LiveFree Counseling, a counseling organization in Colorado specializing in trauma and PTSD.


Tammy is an avid indoor skydiver and enjoys adventuring in the mountains with her husband and kids.


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Meet The Speakers

Andrea Rogers
Discover U

Andrea Rogers, MS, BCC, CPC (Fully Alive Coaching, LLC) is a Board Certified Life Coach who is passionate about helping people reach their full potential in life. She has over 20 years of walking alongside others as they journey from hurting, to healing, to wholeness. Andrea is a Certified Partner Coach with APSATS, trained in using the MPTM (Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model), a model that was so instrumental in her own healing from betrayal trauma. She is also a board member with APSATS, working to bring awareness to partner trauma. She is also a proud mom of 4 beautiful children.

Dr Barbara Steffens
What to do When You Feel Stuck

Barbara Steffens, Ph.D., BCC, CCPS, CPC specializes in helping women recover from sexual/relational betrayal and is a sought-after speaker and presenter on special issues related to partners of “sexual addicts”. She is a retired mental health counselor, and a Board Certified Coach (BCC).


Barbara was the founding President of the Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists – an organization that provides training and certification of Clinical Partner Specialists and Partner Trauma Coaches. Barbara also consults with other professionals and provides training for those who want to help partners heal. She has trained professionals and faith providers from across the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other locations around the world. She has also participated in and led events for partners who are seeking healing and support.


Barbara is co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal (2009; 2021), which has dramatically affected change in the lives of those who are victims and the professionals who are trained to serve them. She is a pioneer in the field and calls herself the “Grandmother” of those who have followed behind her to help partners heal.

Brian Germain
Dealing with Fear and Risk - From a Professional Skydiver

Brian Germain is an author, keynote speaker, test pilot, psychology researcher, and world-champion skydiver. He began this eclectic career in 1986 when he first jumped out of an airplane. A psychology student at the time, Brian began his research on the topic of fear and the coping mechanisms for dealing with it. Over 20 years and 16,000 jumps later, Brian continues to research the topic of fear and teaches around the world. Brian helps empower all kinds of people to transcend fear.


Fear is a topic that Brian has taken on in a very personal way. Having survived a near-fatal paraglider collapse in 1993, he overcame his fear and returned to the sky to redesign parachutes and went on to win ESPN's X-Games in Skydiving. Brian's passion for teaching and helping others shows through in all aspects of his life. With his books and by traveling the world providing seminars, experiential workshops, and keynote speeches, he has empowered and inspired others to reach for greatness and achieve success.

Carol Juergensen Sheets "Carol the Coach"
Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model

Carol Juergensen Sheets is the host of the podcast Sex Help with Carol the Coach and has over 500 shows interviewing experts in the field. She also has two YouTube channels to help addicts and partners: sexhelpwithcarolthecoach and carolthecoach.


She has written two books specific to sex addiction and partner betrayal including Help.Her.Heal: An Empathy Workbook for Sex Addicts to Help Their Partners Heal (co-authored by Allan J. Katz) and Unleashing Your Power Moving Through the Trauma of Partner Betrayal. Her third book, Help.Them.Heal Teaching You Both How to Heal Your Relationship After Sexual Betrayal, informs couples on the methodology behind ERCEM - Carol’s revolutionary Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model to help the couple heal together.

Carrie Holladay
How to Be with Difficult Emotions

For the first 10 years of marriage, Carrie struggled with betrayal trauma and the feeling of being broken. She battled severe anxiety on a regular basis and eventually felt so hopeless that she developed suicidal ideation. Her life changed when she discovered the power of somatic mindfulness and the work of nervous system regulation. Experiencing the power of somatic work in healing betrayal trauma, she took her experiences to the space of helping others.


Carrie is certified as a Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner as well as a Betrayal Trauma Coach. She has certifications in Somatic Attachments and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. She is passionate about walking beside others in their path to restoring trust and connection to self in the healing process.


Chris Hardesty
A Story of Redemption

With a heart for helping those who are tethered to their sexual brokenness, Chris serves as a counselor at Faithful & True, working alongside his wife Elizabeth, and the rest of the staff. Chris focuses on counseling men with issues of sexual purity, facilitating weekly men’s counseling groups, and teaching and leading break-out groups at the Men’s Journey Workshops. He also teams with his wife Elizabeth in the co-facilitation of couple’s counseling. Chris is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in Minnesota and has earned master's degrees in clinical mental health counseling and business administration. In addition to his educational and professional experience, Chris' practice is first and foremost informed by his own redemptive journey with his wife, Elizabeth.

Christy Kane
It's a Matter of Trust - Trusting yourself

Christy Kane, LAMFT is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and certified life coach, and has been helping people for over 20 years.


Christy knows first hand the pain that addiction can cause a partner, and desires to help others thrive on their journey to healing. Christy specializes in betrayal recovery and trauma, depression, anxiety, and couple's therapy, including pre-marital counseling. She worked closely with Marsha Means for several years.


She is trained in Gottman, DBT, and EMDR, as well as many other modes of therapy.


Christy has been married to her husband Dan for 28 years, and the couple shares two adult children. Christy enjoys doing theater whenever she can.

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck
Building and Maintaining a Healthy Sexual Relationship After Sexual Betrayal

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck specializes in helping individuals and couples transition from unhealthy to healthy sexuality. She is a Certified Sex Therapist, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified EMDR Therapist, and an APSATS Certified Partner Specialist. She has offices in Orlando and Tampa Florida, and her three-day Intensives are attended by people throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Dan Drake
Full Disclosure: How to Prepare and Make It Through

Dan Drake is a licensed clinician and a CSAT Supervisor. He has co-authored several books, including Full Disclosure: How to Share the Truth after Sexual Betrayal and Letters from a Sex Addict: My Life Exposed.


Dan is EMDR trained, and he is the Founder and Clinical Director of Banyan Therapy Group in Studio City, California. In addition to his clinical background, he has spoken domestically and internationally.


In his passion to help sex addicts, their partners, and families restore relational, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness to their lives, Dan strives to provide a safe environment where his clients can grow and heal.

Debbie Laaser
From Trauma to Transformation

Debbie Laaser is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and was involved in recovery with her husband, Mark for over thirty years. After Mark’s passing in 2019, she became the director of their counseling center, Faithful & True, treating men struggling with sexual addiction and their spouses. Debbie has facilitated therapy groups, individual counseling, and intensives for betrayed wives for over 20 years.


Debbie authored From Trauma to Transformation, Shattered Vows, and co-authored with Mark Seven Desires and A Toolkit for Growth, and published research, “Posttraumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women”.

Eddie Capparucci
Why Being Sober is Not Enough

Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a counselor licensed by the states of North Carolina and Georgia and is certified in treating Problematic Sexual Behaviors. Eddie has worked with professional athletes and television personalities among his many clients.


Dr. Capparucci is the creator of the Inner Child Model for treating Problematic Sexual Behaviors, a unique approach that focuses on identifying unresolved childhood pain points and teaching individuals how to process emotional distress in healthy ways. His treatment method has been endorsed by many leaders in this field.


Dr. Capparucci is the author of several books, including Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction, and Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots.

Elizabeth Hardesty
A Story of Redemption

Elizabeth is fiercely dedicated to helping women who have had partners who were unfaithful or enmired in sexually destructive habits. She offers individual counseling to women impacted by betrayal. Elizabeth also facilitates weekly women’s groups, teaches and leads small groups at the Women’s Journey Workshop, and teams with her husband, Chris, in co-facilitating couple’s counseling. Elizabeth is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in Minnesota, and has earned a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Along with her educational and professional experience, Elizabeth's practice is first and foremost informed out of her own recovery journey with her husband, Chris.

Geoff Steurer
What About Us While I'm Healing Me?

Geoff Steurer is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, presenter, and podcaster with over 24 years of experience.


He is the co-author of Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity and co-hosts the podcast, From Crisis to Connection, with his wife, Jody. He has produced workbooks, audio programs, and other courses to help couples and individuals heal from the impact of sexual betrayal, unwanted pornography use, partner betrayal trauma, and rebuilding broken trust.


Geoff has extensive training and experience treating sexually compulsive behaviors and betrayal trauma. He has also completed additional training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and is certified in Accelerated Resolution Trauma Therapy (ART).


Geoff has been married for over 26 years and he and his wife, Jody, are the parents of four children.

Dr Greg Miller
Understanding Sexual Addiction

Dr. Greg Miller received his doctorate from Emory University and started Thrive Resources with his wife Beth in 2011. His focus is working with individuals and couples who are struggling with various forms of addiction.


Dr. Miller has served as the Director of the Men’s Journey Workshops with Faithful and True in Eden Prairie, MN since 2009.


Dr. Miller and Beth have been married for 33 years and have two sons and a rescue dog, named Lucy.

Hope Ray
Integrity, Empathy, Intimacy, and Honesty: A New Model for Real Change

Hope Ray is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a Certified Hope and Freedom Practitioner.


Hope provides 3-day intensives for couples ready to rehabilitate TRUST and INTIMACY after sexual betrayal and addiction. She also offers 2-day individual intensives for partners desperate to heal using her specialized Complex Partner Trauma model.


Working alongside Dr. Ken Adams, Hope helped design Michigan’s first comprehensive treatment program for partners of sex addicts. She has completed advanced training in facilitating Disclosures involving the use of polygraphs. Hope is a frequent podcast guest and her Complex Partner Trauma model is used by therapists across the US.


Dr Jake Porter
Rethinking Boundaries: How Recognizing "Choice" Empowers the Betrayed

Dr. Jake Porter is a Board Certified Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist, APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, and the Founder of Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consultation. He is also the creator of Couple–Centered Recovery®, a model for overcoming attachment wounds in couples experiencing the trauma of betrayal. Dr. Porter has undergone extensive training in evidence–based treatments for couples who have suffered attachment injuries. He works with couples from around the world who have traveled to Houston for the treatment of severe attachment injuries and relational trauma.


Believing in the inherent worth of every person, Dr. Porter utilizes insights from developmental psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, and spirituality to help his clients experience greater healing and freedom in their lives.


He enjoys teaching as Assistant Professor of Counseling at Kairos University, where he also is the Lead Professor of the Doctor of Professional Counseling Program.


Jake lives in Houston with his wife, Kristen, and daughter, Magnolia Jane.

Dr Janice Caudill
Overcoming Intimacy Deprivation: Healing from the Impact of Sexual Betrayal and Intimacy Anorexia
Full Disclosure: How to Prepare and Make It Through

Janice is a Texas psychologist, also licensed through PSYPACT for teletherapy in 35 states. She is a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist and supervisor, Certified Clinical Partner Specialist and supervisor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and supervisor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and certified Intimacy Anorexia Therapist.


Janice was one of the founding members of the Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists and participated in the creation of APSATS’ Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model.


Janice is the author and co-author of his and hers companion workbooks for helping couples navigate a therapeutic disclosure of sexual betrayal: Full Disclosure: Seeking Truth After Sexual Betrayal – 3 Volume Series and Full Disclosure: Sharing the Truth After Sexual Betrayal.


Janice is the founder of Intensive Recovery Healing, a center that specializes in customized intensives for individuals and couples recovering from sex addiction, betrayal trauma, or other life traumas.

Julie St.Onge
Hidden Trauma Memories in The Body

Julie received her Bachelor's in Nursing and worked as a nurse for 20 years. She then attended the World Coach Institute where she obtained her Life Coach Certificate. She is BrainSpot Trained and is currently working with a few Brainspot trainers to advance the proposed model of brainspotting for hurting couples.


Julie is ICF, APSATS & CSASI certified. She sat on the APSATS board of directors and is the Founder of The New England Betrayal Trauma Conference and New England Coaching Services.


Julie published Facilitating Disclosures: A Helpful Guide for Clinicians and Finding Healing Through The Betrayal Trauma Model for Covenant Eyes.


Julie heads up a team of eight coaches to facilitate disclosures, assist couples in the stabilization process, aid those struggling with addiction, and provide safety and stabilization for hurting partners.


Laura Mangin-McDonald
Let's Talk About Forgiveness

Laura Mangin-McDonald is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice with 35 years of experience helping people heal from early childhood trauma, betrayal, sexual integrity issues, and betrayal in marriage.


She is a keynote speaker for New Life Ministries’ Restore Workshop for healing after betrayal. She is EMDR certified and the author of several books including The Heart Handbook and How You Think Determines the Course of Your Life.


Laura is the founder of Christian Insight For Life, a non-profit teaching and discipleship ministry dedicated to reaching people around the world. Laura is professionally equipped to walk people through the recovery process based on her years of experience and credentials, but she believes her personal experience of being betrayed in her marriage and successfully moving through the recovery process carries the most weight.


Leah Hadley
Planning For Your Financial Freedom

Leah Hadley the Founder/CEO of Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions and Great Lakes Investment Management and she strives to help clients secure their financial independence through a strategic financial planning process.


Leah will tell you she's no stranger to financial challenges-she became a parent to three overnight, got divorced, and experienced job loss, to name a few. Careful financial planning was critical to her peace of mind during these times.


A former equity research analyst, now a sought-after speaker, and award-winning financial planner, Leah uses her knowledge and more than 15 years of experience to help her clients make wise financial decisions so they can feel confident in their financial future.


Leah is the author of When It's Just Not Working: A Practical Divorce Guide for Stay-At-Home Moms.

Marsha Means
Personal Empowerment After the Death of Your Dream

Marsha Means is the founder and director of A Circle of Joy Ministries, is trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and writes and speaks on the topics of betrayal trauma, sex addiction, and emotional & intimacy anorexia…as well as how to overcome them and heal.


She works with betrayed partners; men wanting to overcome emotional intimacy anorexia once sobriety is maintained; and with couples seeking to rebuild on a healthy foundation. Her work is based on both her personal and professional experience.


Together with co-author, Dr. Barbara Steffens, she wrote, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal, which is in its 6th printing. In addition, she wrote From Betrayal Trauma to Healing & Joy for partners and has several other books. She is currently writing a workbook for men wanting to grow in the area of emotional intimacy.

Dr. Merry Frons
Repairing Trust: How to Work With Your Partner to Heal Your Relationship After Intimate Betrayal.

Dr. Merry Frons is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York who specializes in treating individuals and couples with relationship and sexuality issues. She is the author of The Trust Solution: A Couples Guide to Healing Intimate Betrayal. Dr. Frons is a certified sex addiction therapist/supervisor and an AASECT certified sex therapist/supervisor.


Dr. Frons is the founder of Renew Counseling PLLC in New York City which provides treatment, supervision, workshops, and group programs for individuals and couples.

Michelle Mays
I Love You I Love You Not: The Dilemma of Attachment Ambivalence

Michelle Mays has over twenty years of experience treating sexual betrayal and trauma. She is the creator of The Braving Hope™ Treatment Model providing attachment-based healing for partner betrayal. She’s also the author of the new book The Betrayal Bind: How to Heal When the Person You Love the Most Has Hurt You the Worst.


Michelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor in both Virginia and Washington DC, and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor. She was trained by Pia Mellody in the Post Induction Therapy model for treating developmental trauma and is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Sexology.

Nathaniel Gustafson
How Anger Helps You Heal

The Self-Awareness Circuit: Teaching Men How to Feel


Nathaniel is the founder of TenderHearted Men, a counseling and coaching practice in Colorado.


Nathaniel specializes in helping couples heal from the wounds of sexual integrity issues. He has a unique ability of working with a couple, focusing on the husband, and keeping the wife safe in the process. He helps men engage emotions to develop self-awareness and relational intimacy. Nathaniel offers compassion mixed with challenge, holding the needs of the individual and the couple simultaneously.


Nathaniel holds both a Master of Arts in Counseling and a MDIV and has specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and EMDR.

Dr. Piper Grant
How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexual Betrayal

Dr. Piper Grant is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified sex addiction therapist, and sex therapist with extensive experience working with couples and individuals in healing ruptures within their relationship, overcoming sexual dysfunction, deepening their intimacy, and (re)building a strong foundation within their relationship. In addition to her work with adults she specializes in working with families and children of all ages that are impacted by sexual betrayal. She has worked with countless parents and their children to find paths of understanding and healing.

Dr Rob Weiss
Growing Past The Myth of Codependency: A Strength Based Model for Those Who Love An Addict

Dr. Robert Weiss is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity LLC, a clinical program that provides online education and residential treatment for sex, porn, and drug-addicted men and their families. A psychotherapist and addiction specialist, he has created six intimacy and addiction treatment programs in the US, Southeast Asia, and the US military.


Dr. Weiss is an online host for Digital Addiction on A&E. He has served as a subject-matter expert for major media outlets including CNN, NPR, and The New York Times, among others.


He is the author of eleven books, including Prodependence: Beyond the Myth of Codependency, Sex Addiction 101, and Out of the Doghouse. His Psychology Today blog, “Love and Sex in the Digital Age,” has had over 21 million readers, while his podcast, Sex, Love, & Addiction, has generated over 1,000,000 downloads since its inception.

Roxanne Granata
Healing By Becoming Your Wounded Parts' Best Friend

Roxanne Granata’s own journey to healing from betrayal and trauma propelled her into using her gifts of wisdom and love to support so many along the healing path. She is a trauma-informed coach who is trained in IFS and certified in revelation breathwork.


Roxanne leads women’s retreats, provides 1:1 coaching, and has a group coaching program focused on guiding individuals to healing the wounded parts of themselves so they can thrive and step fullying into their purpose and passion.


Roxanne is the host of the Choose In podcast and the author of Cutting Ties: Healing Betrayal Trauma as the Spouse of an Addict. Roxanne is a divorce survivor and thriver and has been married to her now husband since 2019.

Stacey Sadler
Winning as a Divorced Partner

Stacey Sadler is a Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR Certified Therapist & Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate. She is Chief Clinical Officer for Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching and Consulting, LLC. She is credentialed with The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists to help partners of sex addicts who are suffering from betrayal trauma.


Stacey is passionate about advocating for partners of sex addicts by helping them to find their voice. She also loves working with couples to help them understand attachment and attune to each other to create connection.


She has served for many years as a group facilitator for New Life Ministries at their workshops, is the keynote speaker for the Restore Workshop, and serves on the board for New Life. She has recently co-authored Understanding and Loving Your Child as a Single Parent.


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