Reclaim Yourself

...In Paris

Paris, France

September 29 - October 5, 2024

If you are a woman who has experienced sexual betrayal and are at a stage of healing where you are ready to embrace your future, focus on rediscovering beauty, joy, and adventure, and step into a newfound authority of how you are - then join me for this exclusive, empowering, and transformational healing adventure, in Paris!

“The retreat was a new chapter in life, an experience I will never forget and a forward moving event of healing for me.” 

- Brenda

Join me in Paris!

You step outside onto the city street.

The air feels warm — there's life and energy everywhere you look.

You walk past a coffee shop with your new friends and watch people sitting in a cafe, sipping steaming tea, and eating fresh chocolate croissants. 


It looks like a picture on a postcard and you can hardly believe that you are here in Paris - something that only seemed like a dream not long ago.


Every corner you turn feels like a new adventure. 


You grab a cappuccino and stroll to Notre Dame and pause to gaze at the Seine River as it flows peacefully nearby.


You take a deep breath. Your body starts to relax. And then you feel it…





And for the first time in a very long time, you know that you are going to be okay. There is beauty in life…and you are ready to live it!

Welcome to Paris!


Imagine the effect

...of six days of peace, laughing, dreaming about the future, and connecting with new friends would do to help you feel like yourself again - perhaps for the first time in LONG time.


Because the reality is that no one prepares you for betrayal, right?!

It’s like one day you’re living your life, and then the next you’re living in a bad dream — one you can’t escape from.

And even when you do start to recover, it’s like there are parts of you that are missing and you’re not sure it’s even possible to get them back.

No, you’re no longer in the fetal position on the floor. Life has stabilized.

But you’re also not the same person you were before the betrayal either. 


When betrayal happens, your sense of beauty is stripped. Suddenly every insecurity you’ve ever had about yourself - your body - feels confirmed and on steroids. It is a battle not to compare yourself with every other woman. 


Life can feel dark, heavy, and small. 


Fun and adventure are sucked out of life.. 



Here is Paris - the city of light - we are going to find your light again. Your joy, your laughter, your beauty. Yes! It’s not only possible, but it is all waiting for you here with your new group of soul sisters. 

It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL.

"The Paris Retreat was about me believing for the first time in a long, long time that life can be really good again."


Your heart is going to come to life again.

Because in Paris, anything is possible.

You can actually see a better future. 


Start to find yourself again.

And in the City of Light, you come out from the darkness and heaviness of it all. 


It’s why I chose Paris as the location for us to get away to.

I wanted to find a place where breathtaking beauty intercepts your healing journey.

A city where we can hold space together as a community and honor the unfolding of your life. 

A place where you can get away from it all and meet new lifelong friends — ones who truly understand what you’ve gone through.

Together we'll uncover beauty, freedom, adventure, and strength with a community of other women.

I want to invite you to experience your true self in Paris.

“The Paris Retreat was all I hoped it would be and more!”



Does this sound like you?

  • You know it’s time time to focus on you and your healing (and want to do it with an expert coach who has personal and professional experience in betrayal healing)
  • You want to find yourself again and reconnect with yourself
  • You’re not willing to see yourself as broken and you want to step into your strength and your power
  • You determined to live a beautiful life for yourself in the future
  • You long for connection, belonging, and laughter with a group of new friends (who understand you)
  • You’re ready to open your heart to a community of soul sisters
  • You love to travel and long for adventure again 

If you feel your heart coming alive and you are saying “Yes!”, then this trip was designed with you in mind!

During this experiential healing experience in Paris you’ll…

  • Have daily coaching sessions to learn and dig deep into your personal healing journey 
  • Connect deeply during the daily group processing time where you can experience being deeply seen, heard, and known in a safe group environment
  • Identify the parts of you that you’ve abandoned — and determine who you want to become 
  • Discover yourself through FUN, confidence-building experiences 
  • Explore your future self and locations like Notre Dame, the Seine River, and the Eiffel Tower 
  • Find freedom and adventure again as you roam the streets of Paris
  • Be welcomed into a safe environment for sharing stories without comparison or judgment
    • Indulge in delicious chocolate croissants, café au lait, and local cuisine
    • Share and connect with the group through open communication and feeling seen and heard
    • Form life-long friendships with women who understand your experiences
    • Get clarity about your future path
    • Feel refreshed, empowered, and encouraged about who you are as a person and a woman
    • Uncover more of yourself and who you want to be — with an action plan of how you become her.
    • Reconnect to who you are — and the good life ahead of you
    • Gain peace, strength, and healing, and use that momentum to shift and move your way forward
    • Leave the retreat refreshed, empowered, encouraged, and deeply connected


“I came back changed.”


The Venue…

Now the question that I know is on your mind…

What do the accommodations look like? 


This week is all about living like a Parisian!

We’ll be staying in a cozy, unique industrial loft in a neighborhood in the city of Paris


The flat is a secluded nook villa in the heart of Paris, where we will be immersed in Parisian life.


It’s the perfect mix of city and calm.

It’s close to restaurants and shopping, but it’s also adjacent to a beautiful park where you can get outside and breathe the city air. 


I chose these accommodations specifically so we can bond as a group and live as a community for the week in the heart of Paris. 


The Cuisine

Chocolate, private chef & dinner cruise

Paris immediately brings to mind cozy cafes, rich chocolate, and buttery croissants. But this is just the beginning of the decadent cuisine you’ll partake in during this retreat.


World-renowned Chef Brian Defher, who specializes in slow food made from local and organic ingredients, will cook a yummy welcome dinner when you arrive Sunday, followed by four more meals during the week at our beautiful flat.


But the culinary adventure doesn't stop there. One of the highlights of our retreat is a three-course dinner while cruising along the Seine River in the evening hours. Picture yourself taking in the sights of Paris from the water while savoring every bite of your delicious meal. #yesplease


And of course, no trip to Paris is complete without a visit to a local cafe. I’ll be taking you to some of the city's best, where you can indulge in cafe au lait and fresh croissants. It's the perfect way to connect with your fellow retreat-goers and soak up the ambiance of this magical city.

The Itinerary...

This week is about transformation, friendship, healing, empowerment, as well as rediscovering joy, beauty, and adventure again.

I’ll be your coach and transformation guide throughout the week as we explore and grow through…


  • Daily group coaching sessions to help you dive deep into your heart and healing journey
  • Reflection and processing times where you can get feedback within the safety of the group - a community of women who get it and are on the journey with you
  • Awe-inspiring, intentional activities each day that tie together the theme, coaching, and group time in a life-changing, experiential way

“The retreat to me was the start to my next chapter — which included connecting with women, creating deep connections, making new friends, and traveling.”


Here’s an overview:


Arrive Sunday, September 29th. 

Then Monday-Friday the days will go something like this:

  • Wake up and have breakfast 
  • A couple of hours of coaching and deep diving into rediscovering who you are — and who you want to be 
  • Eat lunch 
  • Head off to do whatever activity is planned for the day like:
    • Visiting landmarks such as Notre Dame and the Siene River
    • Scaling the Eiffel Tower 
    • Capture your beauty with a stunning photoshoot by a professional photographer

Each day is specifically designed around a theme of uncovering your future self — from focusing on beauty to discovering joy and freedom. 


All your meals and accommodations are covered once you get to Paris.

Then, everyone will depart on Saturday, October 5th.

Daily themes:

Each day focuses on a crucial aspect of reclaiming life after betrayal.


Past & Future Inventory

We’ll take an inventory of your past and create a vision for the future.

Monday starts with surveying the damage because if you don’t recognize what you’ve lost, and you don’t know how you’ve abandoned yourself,  you won’t know how to reconnect with yourself moving forward.

We’ll get deep into:


  • Where are you now? 
  • What have you lost? 
  • What parts have you abandoned? 
  • What parts do you want to reclaim?
  • What do you want your future to look like 


Then we’ll set off on a tour of the city and reflect on where you are, and the transformational week ahead. 


We’ll also spend time in group coaching and processing together with your new soul sisters.



Rediscovering Beauty


When you’re in the midst of betrayal, you question your sense of beauty.

You can disconnect with your body,  feel “ugly” or not good enough.

Every cute butt that walks by you in yoga pants you quietly curse under your breath and compare yourself to her. 


So Tuesday is about rediscovering your true beauty both inside and out.

You'll get to rediscover (or perhaps discover for the first time) your beauty through the lens of a professional photographer who specializes in capturing your true essence.



Because this trip is about taking back your freedom to live a beautiful and intentional life, we’ll set out on an enchanting bike tour of Versailles.


During this journey we’ll visit Versailles open-air market before heading for a picnic lunch along the Grand canal. Then we’ll cruise by Marie Antoinetts’ Hameau, the Grand & Petit Trianons, and Formal Gardens. Next we’ll set off to a guided tour of King Louis XX and XVI’’s private apartments before heading to Château de Versailles.


Wednesday is about stepping back into control of your life and making decisions for yourself and your future with your newfound freedom.



Adventure & Fun


Let’s be honest, betrayal strips away fun. Life can get very small, dark, and heavy.  


It doesn’t have to stay that way, though sometimes you need a jumpstart - and what better way than with a group of new lifelong friends.

Today, we are going to have FUN!  (The most fun thing in the whole world, in my opinion!)


Then we’ll scale the Eiffel Tower (a Paris must!) and soak in the beauty and magic of Paris lit up at night!)

Adventure and fun await you, my friend. Not just in Paris, but in your everyday life!



Peace, strength, healing. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Today we take everything you’ve gained in Paris and start to shift it forward.


We’ll bridge everything you’ve uncovered over the week and apply it to your future self.

The strong person who’s regained beauty, peace, freedom, fun, and adventure.

The woman who’s not defined by a betrayal, but by who she truly is inside.

The person you found in Paris.


Saturday: Everyone departs for home!


Here’s what’s included in the Paris Retreat:

  • Group Zoom meetings before the retreat to get to know each other and our stories
  • 6-night stay in the City of Light in our beautiful Paris flat
  • Transportation to and from the airport (Sep 29 and Oct 5 only)
  • Daily group coaching where we’ll determine who you are now — and uncover who you want to be in the future and how to get there
  • Delicious meals for the entire week 
  • All planned activities including scaling the Eiffel Tower and a Siene River dinner cruise
  • Creating life-long friendships!



Here’s what’s not included:

  • Airfare 
  • Alcohol 
  • Shopping or other personal activities
  • Travel, personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


Arrive into CDG airport on September 29th before 4pm. We will pick you up and provide transportation to our venue and get you settled in before dinner. We recommend you depart CDG on October 5th after noon. We will only provide transportation to and from CDG, so please do not plan on traveling through ORL.

You might be wondering, is this retreat for me? Great question!

This retreat is for you if you’re:


  • Not in crisis and are feeling more stable
  • Not having suicidal or homicidal thoughts 
  • Desire to share, connect, and create life-long friendships with other women in a group setting
  • Want to be part of a small, intimate group of 6-10 women and share openly in a safe environment
  • Able to bike and easily walk almost 5 miles a day on uneven footing (i.e. cobblestone)
  • No longer solely focused on your marriage or your husband/ex-husband. You’re now ready to pick up the pieces, reconnect with yourself, chart a course for your future, and live a beautiful life

Are you ready?

“I feel freer, lighter, happier, and satisfied with me.”

- Brenda

Now, you might be wondering,

“Why Paris?”

Well, I’ve been taking solo retreats to Paris for the past 20 years.

I know the magic, beauty, and healing power of losing yourself in Paris — to find yourself again.

There’s no better place to rediscover beauty and adventure again than in the City of Light.

Not to mention, I don’t know of any retreats overseas specifically for women healing from betrayal. 


Some have asked me, “Why not do a retreat somewhere tropical? Somewhere quiet?” 

The answer is simple:

I don’t want to take you out of “real” life — I want to propel you back into LIVING.

To regain all the life and beauty around you.

With betrayal, you’ve had to shut everything out just to survive.

In Paris, you jumpstart back into living.


Your Host!

If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Tammy Gustafson.

I’m a betrayal trauma coach, writer, and speaker. I’m also a licensed professional counselor specializing in trauma and PTSD for more than 13 years.


But nothing prepared me for the work I do more than my own experience of betrayal.


When life “blew up,” I felt utterly lost. Unsafe. Shattered.


However, I can tell you, as both a counselor that's helped hundreds of women and as someone who’s healed from betrayal, finding your way back to freedom and wholeness is possible. 


I can also tell you that healing doesn’t always happen in a therapist or counselor’s office.

I believe healing is experiential. And sometimes, you need to leave it all behind to walk into the next chapter of your life. 


And there’s no better place than Paris. 


When I was in my early 20’s I lived and worked in Europe and Paris was my place of retreat.

I'd take weekend trips to regroup and fell in love with the city — and I've been going back ever since!

And after years of experiencing what it feels like to leave it all behind and truly find myself again, I knew I wanted to share the healing power of Paris with you too! 

So, I personally want to invite you to experience your true self in the beautiful city of Paris.

Your Investment



This exclusive, immersive Parisian retreat is limited to 9 participants.


Investment: $9,750


Payment Details

  • $1,000 non-refundable deposit due at time of acceptance to retreat (see application process below).
  • 50% of your balance is due March 1, 2024
  • Balance is due in full June 1, 2024

Once payments are received, they are non-refundable.


Payment plans are available upon request, though balance is still due in full by July 1, 2024.



We will be staying in a beautiful, Parisian apartment in the heart of Paris.


Each room is unique. Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis based on registration.






Cancellation Policy:

We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.


Application process

I know that every woman's situation is unique — which is why I’ve created an application process to make sure that the Paris Retreat is the right fit for you.


The application process is designed to make sure that this program is a good investment for you, and to ensure your - and the group's - safety and well-being throughout the experience.


Additionally, I’ll use the information collected during the screening process to tailor the retreat to the specific needs of the group.


The application process consists of three phases:

1. Submit your application. I will review each application personally.


2.  Personal Interview...If I think you may be a good fit, I’ll then set up a 30-minute personal interview with you to get to know you better.


3. If you are accepted for the retreat, then I will connect you with the retreat travel agent who will walk you through the paperwork and collect payment.


I want you to feel confident and supported throughout this process, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



Send me a message and I'll answer any questions you still have.

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